Rank & Name: F/Lt Richard Woods
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Duty: Pilot


F/Lt Richard Woods was pilot of Avro York MW327, when it crashed on landing at Ringway, 15/11/1948.


Further Information

Update March 2020: The following was kindly sent in by Sue Harris. Niece of the pilot of MW327, F/L Richard Wood. Thank you Sue.

"He was the pilot of MW327 and had been flying non-stop for weeks to and from Berlin. When trying to land at Ringway, it was a very foggy November night and he aborted the landing twice as he couldn't see the runway and was falling asleep(!) and had to go round a third time.He told my grandparents and my mother he was so tired he nearly fell asleep on the last approach - at the last moment, he realised he was overshooting so managed to clear the hedges at the end of the airfield, there was a road on which a high-sided lorry was just going by- the undercarriage clipped the top of the lorry flipping it onto its side and he managed to land in the field on the other side of the road! He turned up at my grandparents in North Yorkshire the following morning very muddy, still in his flying jacket and said he'd been grounded until he'd had some sleep!

He stayed in the RAF on Transport Command flying out to the Far East and South Pacific islands until the mid-50s or so. He'd joined the RAF in about 1935 and he was a Flight Sergeant on Blenheims with No.105 Sqn in 1941 (23rd March 1941) - there's a record on the World Naval Ships.com website for him linked to Blenheim airframe R3682 saying it crashed when trying to land at Swanton Morley airfield on that date. Well, I think that's him...I do know he flew Blenheims, Halifaxes and Lancasters all through the war in Bomber Commnand - and survived!"



If you have any information about F/Lt Richards, please contact me, thank you.