Name of Captain: F/L Cameron
Aircraft: Liberator Mk.V-VII
Crew Details:


Back L-R: WAG's - BA Scott (RAAF) - Sgt Carter - W/O Bailey - Sgt Peacock

Front L-R: F/O D.G. McGilp (2nd pilot) - F/O FR Short (Captain - Nav) - F/L Cameron (1st pilot) - Sgt H. Pickering (Nav)

(photo submitted by Steve Bailey - son of W/O Bailey)

ORB notes that F/O H.G. Cameron and F/O D.G. McGilp were posted in from 7PRC wef 10.11.43. It appears that this crew flew there first mission on the 30th of Dec. 1943. A notation in the ORB for this flight states that this was the first flight with the Nav. (F/O FR Short) as captain on 59 Squadron.

Previous to leading his own crew - F/O Short with Sgt Peacock flew with F/O (later S/Ldr) Murray Charlton & crew).

On the 1st of March 1944, Sgt. George Callegari joins the crew for the first time. George had been a member of F/L Rhodes crew that were lost on 24.02.1944. He had been on compassionate leave at the time, due to the death of his brother.



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