Rank & Name: F/O Patrick Ralph Galbraith - (NZ)
Date of Death: 07.05.1943


According to the memoirs of F/L EE Allen, on this day four Liberator VLR's set out to escort the Queen Mary, he suggests that there may have been a possiblity that Churchill was onboard, as the escort was a "top priority mission" and the Queen Mary was capable of 24 knots, well fast enough to outrun U-boats, thus not really in need of an escort. He goes on to state that lost on this day were three aircraft (two crews safely returned) but the other (an experienced second tour crew) were lost. The captain of the lost crew was S/L WW Cave DFC.

It is thought that he was co-pilot when he and his crew failed to return from a convoy escort. He was 21 years old. view details


Further Information

F/O Galbraith is honoured on the Auckland Museum Cenotaph (muse.aucklandmuseum.com)

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Rest In Peace