Rank & Name: Sgt Charles Haddock
Date of Death: 20/08/1943


Little is known of Sgt Haddock at this time. His muster at the time of his death is unknown at this stage. He and his crew were posted MIA when they failed to return from an A/S convoy patrol. view details

I was contacted in 2010 in regards to an Ebay item under auction. This item was the personal photo album of Charles Haddock during the war years. Unfortunately I was outbid by a collector, who I have seen been in touch with... but not for a very long time. He was willing to send me copies of photos and any stories or other information it contained. Hopefuly he will get back in touch and we can add to Charles' memorial page.

Update March 2012:

I have been in recent contact with Tony Mason, the son of Sgt Albert Mason who was the best friend of Charles. Both friends were crewed together and also lost together. Tony sent in the picture below of the two of them enjoying some down time.


Further Information


(left to right) Albert Mason, Charles Haddock, Unknown - Enjoy some down time together.




If you have any information about Sgt Haddock, please contact me, thank you.

Rest In Peace