Rank & Name: P/O R.F.W. Johnson
Date of Death: 25/09/1940


P/O Johnson joined 59 Sqn (RAF Thorney Island) when posted from RAF Andover 0n 22/09/1940 along with three other pilots and their crews (P/O McCurdy, Garrard and Knill).

Johnson and Garrard were both assigned to 'B' flight upon arrival and started night op's immidiately. two days after arriving, P/O Johnson was killed whilst making his final approach to land at 0420 hrs after his first sortie (Moon Patrol), crashing into the sea. His crew survived. (sourced from the memoirs of Alec McCurdy). view details


Further Information
Awardee of the Battle of Britain Clasp - Although entitlement was revoked by the Air Ministry in 1960 (read more)

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Rest In Peace