Rank & Name: P/O H.G. Knill

Date of Death: N/A


P/O Knill and crew were posted into the Squadron on 22nd Sept. 1940. Along with one of the other four crews who arrived the same day (P/O Alec McCurdy & crew), they were assigned to 'A' flight. All four crews were posted in from No.2 School of Army Cooperation, Andover. At the time of their arrival, 59 Sqn were stationed at Thorney Island, employed with the day and night bombing of the channel ports for Coastal Command.

P/O Knill & crew (Sgt's Bailey & Cumber) flew their first sortie on the 24th of Sept. As was the custom on the Squadron, their first mission was a Moon patrol... "Nothung unusual to report".

Their second sortie was set to be a night attack on the aerodrome at Le Havre on 27/09/40. The crew were unable to take off due to damages to the aircraft. The other five aircraft successfully bombed. P/O Trim and crew (P/O Blake & Sgt. Jones) dropped a stick on bonbs on target from 10000ft. They reported that the bomb burst caused an immense explosion that disturbed clouds at 5000ft. F/O Fry and crew (Sgt's Freeman and Aust) reported that when they arrived to the target area, it was lit by a colossal fire. They dived through the clouds to 1500ft and dropped a stick of bombs on target with explosions seen.

The following night the crew were off to L'orient on a night bombing raid. Target was difficult to see. Two flares were dropped then four bombs released. No explosions seen and flak was moderate. They crashed on landing but no casualties were sustained. (read more)



Further Information
Awardee of the Battle of Britain Clasp - Although entitlement was revoked by the Air Ministry in 1960 (read more)

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