Rank & Name: P/O RD Morton
Date of Death: NA


Little is known of P/O Morton at this time. He was pilot when he and his crew were shot down during an anti-shipping strike. One crew member was killed and he and the other became POW's. view details



Further Information

(ABOVE) This photo is taken from the book "Bristol Blenheim - Theo Boiton". The image was supplied by Alec McCurdy, a pilot of 59 Sqn during and after the Battle of France. This was sent to me by Terry Sheldon, son of LAC Eric Sheldon.I believe that "H.D. Norton" is infact "R.D. Morton". Which appears to be supported by the image (BELOW) sent in by Simon Briggs (son of P/O Paul Briggs), noted as Schubin (Szubin) PoW camp. Paul crouching down on the left and Dick Morton kneeling on the left.

If you have any information about P/O Morton, please contact me, thank you.

Rest In Peace