Rank & Name: P/O Clive R. Wylie - (NZ)
Date of Death: 16/06/1940


Little is known of P/O Wylie at this time. He was pilot when he and his crew failed to return,. possibly shot down by a RAF fighter. view details

He was also forced to abandon an aircraft after being attacked and damaged by strafe with one crew member inured. view details





Further Information

If you have any information about Clive Wylie, please contact me, thank you.

Update Nov. 2012: Max Lambert, author of Night After Night - NZers in Bomber Command (2005) and another last year on NZers in Fighter Command, sent in the following details:

"Chamberlain was in the 4th (4th) group of 12 and sailed on 30 Oct 1937. a total of 41 (41) SSC youngsters had sailed before Chamberlain's group. Chamberlain served with 16 Sqn (Lysander) from 29 April 39 until joining 59 just a few days before the start of the war. KAO 14 may 40... Wylie was in the 14th (14th) group of 18 and sailed on 19 Nov 1938. "




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