Rank & Name: 2nd Lt. James Carlos Deremo

Date of Death: N/A


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Secretary - Board of Directors, Michigan Heroes Museum.

DEREMO, 2nd Lieutenant John (*James) Carlos - Distinguished Flying Cross - Awarded as per London Gazette dated 3 June 1919. Formerly in CEF; home in Toronto (student) - Mentioned in Despatches, June 1917 (probably for CEF service); with No.15 Squadron, 23 May to 18 November 1918; hospitalized for two days; rejoined No.15 Squadron, 20 November 1918 to 2 February 1919; No.59 Squadron, 2 February to 4 April 1919. No published citation other than "in recognition of distinguished services rendered during the war". The following does not read like a citation but does come from Air Ministry.

Update: Feb' 2020. It has been confirmed by Mike Grobbel that correct name is "James Carlos Deremo". A PDF download was also submitted. Downloadable here 300kb. Thank you Mike.

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No.15 Squadron, has during his service with the squadron taken over 1,200 successful photographs of the enemy positions, under the most adverse conditions.

Also, the following from file AIR 1/1057/204/5/1560 (MG.40 D.1 Volume 20), a submission from his commanding officer dated 26 November 1918:

Two days before hostilities ceased this officer engaged a large body of troops and transport from the air, and while doing this was heavily engaged by machine gun fire. His rudder control was shot away and the tanks pierced. Lieutenant Deremo landed about two miles on the enemy side of the lines and hid in a wood until dusk when he made his way to our lines. He brought in a most valuable report as to the enemy's movements and intentions, part of which information was gleaned from civilians in the vicinity of his hiding place.

Public Record Office Air 1/1511 has the recommendation as of 15 February 1919, forwarded by Lieutenant-Colonel G.W. Dawes, Officer Commanding, No.3 Brigade, Royal Air Force.

This officer has over 3 1⁄2 years of service overseas and has done nearly 300 hours war flying whilst with No.15 Squadron.

His work throughout has been marked by a high degree of courage and initiative and on one occasion within a week of the conclusion of hostilities he was brought down behind the enemy lines but succeeded in making his escape back to our lines, bringing useful information as to enemy movements which he had obtained by questioning the inhabitants.

His gallantry and devotion to duty have been an excellent example to the squadron.

The same file has a list of officers being recommended for a "Peace Despatch"; John Carlos Deremo is included. His work is summarized as follows:

Service overseas three years and seven months. Has done 275 hours during the last eight months of the war and has always shown great courage and initiative.

NOTE: There is some question as to whether his name is John Carlos or James Carlos; National Archives of Canada RG.150 Accession 1992-93/166 Box 2455-16 has CEF service records for a James C. Deremo (not checked as of 20 January 2000).


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